How we operate

Fintech with a human touch

We are a fintech company, but in a world of man and machine, we are firmly on the side of man. Many processes can be digitized and automated, but we intentionally keep human interaction in our service processes. Robots and fintech solutions are good, but not the final answer to extraordinary questions related to personal finance. Nothing can replace the sincerity of a smile and the attention of another human being. We employ people and let our customers speak directly to them, allowing them to show their emotions, and experience the personal touch. 

We employ over 400 people, who serve more than 200,000 active loan customers. Our work process is highly automatized, to allow people to do what humans are best at – being human. 

We are proud that, as a company, IuteCredit and our employees are trusted by several well-known partners such as MasterCard, state postal services, international telecom operators, large electronics stores and others.