Corporate Social Responsibility

Solid taxpayer

We support the local economies with tax revenues and on top of that, we support local events, the environment, and education. We are a responsible corporate citizen and a solid taxpayer in all countries.

Responsible lending

We believe money is a means to achieve your goals, not a goal by itself. We help the customer to achieve her goals sooner. In the world of things and services, money has a certain value at a certain moment. Lending is giving the customer access to affordable resources to make their intentions come true.

We promote responsible lending, which means our loan terms are transparent, there are no hidden costs and we have adequate loan and interest rates conditions in microfinance. We offer installment loans, where the principal, interest and other fees must be repaid according to a mutually agreed monthly schedule. We do NOT offer payday loans and do not believe in that kind of credit that people take with a very high cost just to survive until the next payday.

Less grey economy with transparent transactions

We bring the competence of e-Estonia to countries that are open to developing and digitizing their financial sector and economy. We make decisions based on analysing big data, increase competition in the finance sector, help to develop the local economy and decrease the share of the “grey economy”.

Contributing to the social environment

IuteCredit is an active stakeholder in the social life of the countries where it’s operating. Iute Credit strives to be a partner towards solving the most stringent problems of these societies. IuteCredit promotes a healthy lifestyle and has contributed to promoting national financial behavior. IuteCredit has stayed beside those who need help the most.