Founders Vision

Published on: 13 Jun 2019

The future of personal finance will be based on installmetizing. Subscription and pay-as-you-go based economy will expand along with development of technology and regulatory frameworks. In history, the humankind has moved from long-term and big subscription based deals, such as mortgage, into smaller units, such as car leasing’s, and we see further movement towards smaller: to the effect where it is common to split the regular monthly income fully between various subscriptions that improve life quality. Some of those subscriptions can be credit repayments. The trick is to make subscriptions very easy, seamless part of everyday life and everyday consumption.

IuteCredit’s mission is to offer its customers extraordinary experience in the field of personal finance. Extraordinary means easy and seamless installmentizing of the customer’s consumption of everyday needs. It also means the fastest and most comfortable service, measured in instants. Finally, it means human interaction, as we believe that robots and fintech solutions are good, but not the final answer to extraordinary personal finance question. Nothing replaces the sincere human smile and attention.

As a Group, we aim to serve millions of customers and that means constant strive to attract the best talent, implement the best technology, develop the best organization and bring the best out in each team member. Money is the outcome of right actions, but at foremost we as a team enjoy ourselves in pursuing the right actions and overcoming the challenges.

Tarmo Sild & Allar Niinepuu